device encryption

Advanced Protection For All Of Your Devices & Data.

Device encryption with cybasecure

Security begins with encryption. CybaSecure provides a straightforward and intuitive cloud-based approach to deploying and managing encryption on all devices and multi-layered encryption on PCs.

advanced protection for:

PCs & Macs
Phones & Tablets
USB Storage

Device security that never sleeps.


Most encryption can be defeated by an administrator or, in some cases, by the user themselves. CybaSecure isn’t “most encryption.” The solution is persistent and won’t be defeated

Unique layered encryption

There is no other (Windows) PC encryption tool that provides this extra level of protection. CybaSecure protects at both the system-level and user-level, providing the maximum level of security possible.

Proof of compliancy

Lost a device? Under an audit?CybaSecure’s Compliancy Report provides details about the loss, proof that encryption was properly implemented, and a host of access controls reflecting your efforts from the management console and the automated responses of RiskResponder. “Yes, we lost hardware, but there was no breach – and HERE’S PROOF!”


CybaSecure is not just for confidently checking a compliance box; it gives you a truly comprehensive and holistic security posture. This is the tool for comprehensive data protection – both yours, your clients, and any PII that you’re custodial for.

Cross platform coverage

So, you’ve got your PC encrypted. All good, right? Sure, until your user drags that PII or sensitive data to a USB device. Or sends it to a phone. Your responsibility and desire to protect data doesn’t end at the PC. Encrypt and protect your at-rest data wherever is exits with CybaSecure.

trusted ManagemenT

CybaSecure is designed to be intuitive and straightforward. You can sleep well knowing that  CybaSecure are doing the job you expect them to do, and automatically taking proactive steps to ensure your data is safe even when you’ve lost control of the hardware.

secure your devices before login using 2FA Authentication

Through SimplySecure, Cybagate customers can now utilize 2FA to secure access to company data from each employee-used device. The latest version of SimplySecure also introduces geofencing-based security capabilities. IT administrators can receive notifications or have the device take steps to remove data access automatically whenever a secured device travels beyond a pre-authorized geofence.

benefits & features

Security begins with encryption. CybaSecure provides a straightforward and intuitive cloud-based approach to deploying and managing multi-layered encryption across customers’ devices.

Encryption alone will not protect remote data if access credentials are compromised. Then what? CybaSecure delivers instant remote data access control, with data access removal or restoration enabled with one click from the console.

The business risks of not maintaining compliance with increasingly strict regulatory compliance are higher than ever. Compliance cannot be an afterthought, and CybaSecure provides a persistent solution for achieving provable compliance in the face of an audit.

The automated sentinel responds in predetermined ways to any environmental or behavioral risk that exceeds pre-set thresholds. Use RiskResponder to automatically defend against hack attempts, geo-fence violations, time-based excesses, network-borne attacks, and attempts to undermine security tools. The sentinel provides easily managed EDR (endpoint detection, and response) capabilities.

Failure to prove adequate security procedures are in place is a failure to comply. CybaSecure provides audit-worthy reporting of persistent security, standing up to HIPAA and other compliance mandates if ever a device is lost or stolen.

Create appropriate security clearance policies by group, team, or department. Assign a zero-trust profile for more vulnerable groups, or a more rights-based approach for others. CybaSecure offers complete policy and control flexibility.

encrypt devices, get secure & Be Compliant

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