7 Layers of cyber security

With a layered security approach, you have multiple lines of defence to keep your business secure so that one piece of outdated tech doesn’t bring your entire system down.


This is the data you need to protect.

2: Data Security

Data security controls protect the storage and transfer of data.

3: Application Security

Applications security controls protect access to an application, an application’s access to your mission critical assets, and the internal security of the application.

4: Endpoint Security

Endpoint security controls protect the connection between devices and the network.

5: Network Security

Network security controls protect an organization’s network and prevent unauthorized access of the network.

6: Perimeter Security

Perimeter security controls include both the physical and digital security methodologies that protect the business overall.

7: The Human Layer

Humans are the weakest link in any cybersecurity posture. Human security controls include phishing simulations and access management controls that protect mission critical assets from a wide variety of human threats, including cyber criminals, malicious insiders, and negligent users.

*NOT ALL DATA IS CREATED EQUAL and does not require equal levels of protection. Identifying the kinds of data you have, categorizing that which is mission critical, and centering your security program around that is a smart first step towards a more secure organization.
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